Thursday, December 30, 2010

Poets In Training Contest #3 Winner

This weeks Poem of the Week Winner is Samantha Robin-Hibbert aka only1god --

Sam... as she prefers to be called is a 33 year old mother of two children who loves poetry, she loves to write or pen as she says, but most importantly she loves to inspire or bring joy to others through words.

Her winning entry is Oops! This one will definitely bring a smile to your face or a chuckle from somewhere deep within so read and enjoy, I can tell you I sure did! Don't forget if you aren't a member of All Poetry yet, I recommend you join and enter our next Poem of The Week Contest, plus we're starting a Spotlight Poem Contest in the very near future, so keep tuned into our blog, just click on the follow link. So you'll never miss a day or a week's worth of inspiration, humor, or drama. Come join the muses of Poets In Training. Now on to this week's winning entry...


Like a book that has been left on the shelf,
How alone without you I am.
I love you more than life itself,
I desire to have you as my man.
I have loved you for so very long now,
It feels like an eternity has gone,
Yet I still don't have you to call my own,
For heavens sake where am I going wrong?
We have been friends for what seems like a lifetime,
What a complicated dilemma I am in,
Do I tell you, or Don't I?
Could you be my New Year Resolution?
Nevertheless, although this is painful,
I am grateful I still have you as my friend
As I'm drafting this note in my email
© Samantha Robin-Hibbert, All rights reserved
By the way, you can check out her profile page on All Poetry at
Or read more of her Poetry at

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Contest Started for Poets In Training on AP

Poem of the Week Contest #3 on AP!

Again All Poetry is hosting another Poem of the Week Contest for our blog. And here's the link to the latest contest. So Come join the fun, receive some feedback and meet an awesome group of writers.

You can also join our group on AP to help contribute to the blog or just drop me a line at to offer contributions.

So go over to All Poetry, if you're not a member it's free to join, and enter the contest who
knows maybe your poem will be the next....


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Carried the Fire POTW Winner 12/21/10

We'd like you to read this week's winning poem from our latest contest on All Poetry! This week's winner won 500 AP points and a chance to be noticed here so congratulate our latest poet's poem of the week winner Adrian our youngest winner yet! Adrian is a 12 year old young man with a very creative streak waiting to be released. Just read this weeks poem and decide
for yourself! Congrats Adrian!
I Carried The Fire
Beginning of the year
All is well! All is well!
And I carried the fire

Soon after came the storm
Not one of rain and wind
One of sorrow, one of death
I broke down, fell to my knees
Though my heart may have shaken
I carried the fire

I grew stronger, I grew wiser
And bettered myself to see the day
It took fighting and it took pain
But I carried the fire

She came to me, I saw her face
I knew this time I'd been saved
See her smiling, love her laughing
I carry the fire

It's up to you to make the choice
Will you crash? And will you burn?
Or will you rise up? Take your life back?
Will you square your shoulders
and get back in the game?
Carry the fire, my friends

If you're willing to fight for yourself
No matter what storms may hit
Carry the fire
And you can rise from the ashes!
© Adrian, All rights reserved

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Poets In Training Contest #2 This week's theme "Reflections"

This week's theme is "Reflections" you can use the picture below as a prompt to write one or you can enter a pre-written one.  Currently our contests are being offered on the All Poetry site, until we've been able to develop our own site with our blog and all of our other services we hope to offer in the future.  We're looking for new talent from all over the internet, so if you want to be considered for this week's contest, join use on All Poetry, select the contest and submit your entry.  Take a chance, your poem could be the next...

This week's contest's picture prompt...

Copyright All rights reserved by Fran├žoise Rachez

Monday, December 13, 2010

All Poetry Contest Winner Aries aka Kath Piels Congratulations!


Shuffleton's Barber Shop

Missing image
  Small boys walked with awe
  when approaching, nearing
  Shuffleton's Barber Shop
  They stood transfixed, on tiptoe
  peeping through smokey window panes
  Listening, hearing soft murmur of male voices
  an occasional chortle with mirth
  On colder days the warming glow from a pot-bellied,
  free standing, stout black stove,
  reflected upon the window's glass
  The Barber's cat sat sleek, friendly, content
  ever alert for movement of a mouse
  At times there would be produced
  a mouth organ, violin, piano accordion
  to unite play, sing in joyous harmony
  A barber pole of spirally painted striped red and white
  hung proudly outside the front door
  Children watchful, as bushy beards were trimmed
  hair smartly snipped ,cut and faces lathered, shaved
  Counting days, weeks, months when they too
  could sit in that special chair, in such a hallowed place
  Shuffleton's Barber Shop
© Kath Piels, All rights reserved 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Santa's Night Out by Epistomolus at All poetry

Santa's Night Out by Epistomolus at All poetry
With several weeks to go
before December 24th,
the mood was not exactly chilled
up in the frozen North.


An awesome poem by an awesome poet/teacher from All Poetry, will definitely bring a chuckle forth.

Dennis Dawson aka Epistomolus has been a member of AP since 2007, he also volunteers on All Poetry's "School of Poetry" as a teacher in several areas including but not limited to "Gentle Introduction to Meter" and teaching the teachers, although I have had the opportunity at times to find mistakes in his own writings, so I have been able to "teach the teacher" at times.

His poetry is usually fun and upbeat, almost always has a good rhythm and rhyme to it. I have as of yet not found a single solitary poem of his that I haven't liked.

So check out his latest work of art, and while you are at it check out his entire collection on AP!Santa's Night Out

Monday, December 6, 2010

First Blog

Oh Wow... My first blog in here. Still finding it hard to believe that lil' me has been invited by the group leader to do this. Very honored. And I hope I can live up to the expectations. And I am going to need all the help and suggestions of all you wonderful people here.
Cheers... and God bless...

Our first Meet The Poet of the month

Welcome to all our readers, we have our fifth meet the poet this week.Poets In Training has gone under some new changes we have a new background and I'd like to thank the winner of the background contest the amazing talent you can find on Allpoetry, if you have not joined yet please do. Our group is growing i want to spread a warm welcome to our newest members.On with our interview.
One of our very own Aebeli Tamar, she is an amazing poetess. I have had much time with her, but I can relate that she is nice person. She was kind enough to fill in our questionnaire for the interview.

Chim: Tell us a little about yourself.
Tamar: a mother of three, late college student, I live in Boone, NC.

Chim: What is it about poetry that makes you want to write?
Tamar: I love poetry well my first poem just came to me.... I was standing at my kitchen window at my dad’s house ...where I was living with my family at the time.... I feel poetry just comes to you at times...At other times can be a form of Stress relief... Helps me when I am down. That’s for sure. Reading poetry from others and also writing my own. I enjoy learning new forms. I am always learning with poetry since I am fairly new to poetry...

Chim: Can you remember your first poem?
Tamar: Into the Gray
Looking out the window,
At a far off glow;
the Moon shining through,
The dark bark to low.
Maybe we will get their “one-day"
" Don't you know."
Looking as if to be all for show.
Painted in a picture or puzzle
"You Know"!

Chim: What style or styles of poetry do you write most or prefer to write?
Tamar: Well being new to poetry and still learning I write in short form. Mostly Rhyme.

Chim: Do you write more than poetry? What else do you do creatively?
Tamar: Yes. I have wrote one Children's book not published yet all though, when I am able I will publish.... Would love to publish...!

Chim: . What poem, written by you, do you like the most?
Tamar: My First.... because the poem marks the beginning of my poetry...!
I will always be proud of my work.

Chim: Do you have any mentors?
Tamar: Yes.... I love a lot of the talented writers on All Poetry.... Find a new wonderful writer every day...I also love the Great Emily Dickinson ...
Also some of the first Philosophical Poets

Chim: Who is your favorite poet or writer?
Tamar: Well I just answered that. I also like Linda lael Miller.Also Stephanie Myers. I have enjoyed reading a lot of writers.

Chim: What is your favorite poem by the poet you chosen?
Tamar: I love so many poems. I could never pick one.

Chim: What is your favorite type music?
Tamar: Classical Rock.50's up to 80's all types. from Enya to Bob Marley .

Chim: What inspires you?
Tamar:) My thoughts,My Heart and Soul, Also Nature. Sometimes Pictures.

Chim: Do you have a favorite book or author?

Tamar: To much literature to pick Favorites.
Chim: How about a favorite quote?

Tamar: ) Be Kind to each other. /. Also to be or not to be that is the question? The All time favorite should be "Peace"!!!

Chim: Any other creative passions?
Tamar: Art. I love bead and wire jewelry art. Also drawing but I would have to work back into that. I have also played the violin when I was younger and have promised myself to learn the fiddle the next time around which I am determined there will be a next time!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Poets-In-Training Contest hosted on All Poetry

We've got a contest running on All Poetry for a new category for the Poet In Training Blog, this will be a weekly contest there, anyone can enter.  If you're not a member of All Poetry, you can join for free and enter, if you are interested in contributing to the blog you can also join our group there "Poets In Training" as well.

So hop on over to AP and submit your poem!

This month's theme is: In time for the holidays.

Join us and have fun!

ECHOES OF MY SOUL Poetry Forum - Sea Song (30 word short poem) (SFPOTW) 12-3-2010

ECHOES OF MY SOUL Poetry Forum - Sea Song (30 word short poem) (SFPOTW) 12-3-2010

Another Award from Echoes of my Soul Poetry Forum for me Suzanne Wyatt, I know I shouldn't brag but, this is another site for poets in training to share their work with.

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