Wednesday, January 3, 2018

All Poetry Poets-In-Training Group sponsored Picture Prompt Contest started

Well, if you don't know already I'm back in the limelight on Poets-In-Training Group on All Poetry not only have I retaken the group ownership, but I've also started the first contest for the beginning of the new year.  During my absence Poets-In-Training sort of died out.  So far, since I have returned (in full force or at least trying to be) I've sent out 3 notices to all existing members both active and inactive, announced that "I'm Back!" and hope to find a few new members; re-awaken most of the old ones, and share everyone's endeavors on this blog as well.

The Group contest is open to any and all members of all poetry and the poets-in-training group (if your not a member I've opened up group membership to anyone who wants to join without waiting in other words open enrollment)So if you're not a member of All Poetry, you have 3 levels of membership, 1. the free membership (not entirely free, because you have to do some work to earn getting your poems posted, like commenting on someone else's poems, to earn points, those points can be used to create your own contests, join groups, etc. My suggestion is go visit All Poetry browse around, look at a few poets, join as a free member to start, if you want to contribute to it's continued growth, choose one of the two paid membership plans, Silver or Gold (kind of reminds me of Christmas)  Kevin puts a lot of time and effort into maintaining the quality and integrity of the site and all of the groups.  He's also generating poetry books of top quality poets from the site.

There's so many things you can do on All Poetry it would take at least a 20-page flyer to give them all to you.  So for all of the new, fledgling poets-in-training, poets, new and old alike, join me over on All Poetry,
or Storywrite (sister site for the story tellers) Take a course, enter a contest, join a group or two.

Oh for all of my existing Poets-In-Training the contest link is : Picture Prompt Contest

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