Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Perfect Poet Award- thursday Poets' Rally Week 38

FamaSemperVivat wanted me to share this award with the group, letting you all know that i won runner up for Perfect Poet Award on Jingles Thursday Poetry they run every second thursday. I have really grown even more and learn from other poets and made some wonderful friendships through sharing of poems and also following each others blogs. I recived this award fro the 38th Thursday Rally for the Poem The Wait this poem has been one of my favourites, I hope you guys read it and maybe get inspired to join us. To read any of my other work on my blog here is the link : My Poetry & Writing . You can also find me on Allpoetry at this link : FallenWingz.

Thank You Jingle
for your kindness and devotion,
for hosting such awesome
challenges for the poets.
i know that we all truly are
thankful for your appreciation
of our work.
thanks for this honour.
I hope i will spend more time
with you all.
To Jingle, you are the best.
you give our art a voice.

Copyright C Davids

I nominate IBeing Me for week 39 Perfect Poet Award


  1. You're a writer? Cool shoes. Me, too (kinda, sorta). I know for a fact, however, you gotta whole lotta intelligence behind those two ears, girl; thus, I wanna give you my finite existence: to intrinsically value the Great Beyond which I’ve learned to appreciate, to visualize the fundamental reality of infinity is why I‘m here for a teeny-weeny amount of time. Looky here...

    Precisely why I had our ‘philanthropic + epiphany’ (=so much to give + vision): wanna see a perfectly cognizant, fully-spectacular, Son-ripened-Heaven?? … yet, I’m not sure if we're on the same page if you saw what I saw. Greetings, earthling. Because I was an actual NDE on the outskirts of the Great Beyond at 15 yet wasn’t allowed in, lemme share with you what I actually know Seventh-Heaven’s Big-Bang’s gonna be like: meet this advanced, bombastic, ex-mortal Upstairs for the most juvenile-lip-service, ultra-groovy, picturesque-paradox, pleasure-beyond-measure, Ultra-Yummy-Reality-Addiction in the Great Beyond for a BIG-ol, kick-some-ass, party-hardy, robust-N-risqué-passion you DO NOT wanna miss the sink-your-teeth-in-the-smmmokin’-hot-deal enveloping, engulfing our catch-22-excitotoxins. Cya soon, girl…

  2. Here's a good one: goto 'subliminalzealotry' for subversivity (dunno if that's a word, but I just made it up). HeeHee


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