Monday, February 28, 2011

Spotlight Award Winner of Month #2 Theme was "Love"

The Theme was "Love"

Congratulations to this months winner of February 2011 on Allpoetry. redheadhorselady for her stunning poem The Love of My Life  and Sands of Time for his poem Once in April .

The Spotlight poem :    redheadhorselady

The Love Of My Life

A spring breeze blows through the willows of my heart,
I cherish every beat, each shining spark.
A walk along a creek near my vintage home,
a place where my favorite creatures are known to roam.

My favorite stone placed gracefully by wondrous hands,
right in the middle of some snow white sand,
slightly tilting to the creek's side my hidden place I sit to write.

Staring into the running creek, I notice it's waters run very deep.
Little tadpoles piled in a row, flounder to the bank for a peep show.
I remove my tablet and my quill, the day is slightly breezy yet still.

No lovers embrace could ever remove this place, all that is here is very real. Chickadees pouncing all around, gathering tiny bugs, to be found. A guarder snake, suns across the bank, laying still, lifeless his time to think.

I watch the fish deep near the mud, wondering what's life like to live through a flash flood.  A frog swimming to the other side, like an old man doing a breast stroke in perfect stride. Looking up past the sun, are fluffy blue clouds on the run, as I dip my pen in the ink .

How could anyone not fall in love forever... with all the sweet nature's missing links. I will never understand my love, for he comes to me in many forms. Until then, I will take off my shoes, dip my bare feet in the creek while I write, and think!

"No nicer lover, I have met than the natural sights near my home."

Second Runner Up:   By Sands In Time

Once In April

Once in April, I found my love true
making my star-light hours sweet,
casting me into a most gentle spell.
April love awakes me from my sleep.

Written on the pages of my memory
the first chaper is now called you.
The first words are here is my love
for all eternity, the one that's true.

Come to me in day or dreams tonight,
come as you are to me a million times
in love songs that last in eternal flame,
lasting as the poet's romantic rhymes.

I carry your heart deep along with mine
deeper than my love and hope can hide,
the deep spirit of love is found everyday
I find love sweet and alive in my mind.

From out of the sky one arrow flashed,
Cupid's aim was perfect hitting its mark
He married my sun like a pin to the morn,
Cupid was bowed, his arrow hit my heart.

Once in April, I found my love true
making my star-light hours sweet,
casting me into a most gentle spell.
April love awakes me from my sleep.

All poems is copyrighted by the authors redheadhorselady & Sands in Time

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