Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Poets In Training Contest #2 Winner for 2011

Well once again one of our younger poets wrote the best for this weeks contest on AP and he's a two time winner, amazing! So once again congratulate our very own Adrian Dayne aka Superfirst for his amazing poem written using a picture prompt!


She Walks On Water

It isn't for the flowers
Though he picked her favorite kind
So delicate.  So fragrant.
Perfect flowers these may be
She does not walk on water

It isn't for the dresses
Though he picks the perfect fit
So beautiful.  So flowing.
Perfect dresses these may be
She does not walk on water

It is for his love she walks
Though it can't be worn or held
So magickal.  So wondrous.
Perfect arms these may just be
For love... She walks on water

© January 20, 2011. Adrian, All rights reserved

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