Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First Poem of the Week Award Winner for the New Year!

Let's congratulate the first Poem of the Week winner from our group of entries on All Poetry this week,  the theme was for a lullaby or child's poem for bed time, since it is for the "birth" of a new year.  And our winning entry was written by All Poetry Member drala, (real name not shared) any way here's the winning entry--

Angels fly by

Hush my baby enter your dreams
See angels fly with silvery wings
Smiling white lilies pure and refined
Whisper lullabies in consoling rhyme

Hush my baby enter your dreams
Angels take over, rest with ease
Waving their silvery luminous wings
Rocks my baby back to sleep

Hush my baby enter your dreams
Angels fly by waving their wings
Gentle and quiet, cuddled in the crib
My baby lies in a sweet restful sleep
© drala All rights reserved

If you enjoyed this, be sure to visit drala's page on All Poetry and read more..
Here's the link to their poetry collection --  and
Here's the link to their profile--

So be sure to visit and I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.
Your ever faithful
Poet In Training,
Suzanne Wyatt aka FamaSemperVivat

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