Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Congrats to Spotlight of the Year Award Winner and Runner Up!

Let's all congratulate our Spotlight of the Year Award Winner on All Poetry! Tanisha for her beautiful poem Colors and our runner-up P Nixon with his poem Rain Storm, each of these poets won a month's premium membership with AP Tanisha a gold and P Nixon a silver. Now on to the winning poems beginning with...

by Tanisha
I am but a painter
And I paint the canvas of life
With a million multi hued colors
I stroke, each shade a beauty so sublime

Blue, of quiet tranquility
Of water, the essence of life
Of the sky, of an endless limit
Of the promise held in mother's arms
Of the ocean-the past, present and future, of time infinite

Green, of life and birth
Of the creations of life inhibiting
the lush forests, meadows and valleys
Of the seeds and the saplings
A new birth, a new chance, a new breeze

Yellow, of light and glow
The radiance and energy of the sun
The closest and brightest star we know
Of a new day, a brighter dawn
Of gold, of nature's bounty galore

Red, of warmth and love
The threads that wound the hearts
Of the soft bliss held by a rose
Love captured in a hug or kiss from a friend
Of the embrace held in everything dear and close

Pink, of innocence and bliss
Of little children and their dimpled cheeks
Wonder held in two eyes
Of their musical laughter, first words
Soft and blushing in gleeful delight

Orange, of bravery and sacrifice
Of the bravery of the soldiers
Battling in a battlefield, for truth, for justice
Of the sacrifice of their mothers
Sitting by the window, searching for a silhouette of their sons

Life with its million shades
Each unfurl a story with time
I am but a painter
I stroke, I paint my canvas
With the million shades of life.

Now our runner-up entry by P Nixon...
Rain Storm

Swollen clouds over burdened crowds,
Resistance, indifference.
In a sullen hush they rush
this rains persistance.
Coats and papers help escapers
as they flee the flooded gloom.
Waters rise to meet its prize
as rivers mate,immuned.
Anguished faces pressed to pane
show distain, their day disrupted.
Without slack the rain drives back,
resistant, uninterrupted.
Perched aloft in veneered splendor,
Gargoyles hiss and spit their load.
From roof to gutter its gargled splutter,
then slips beneath the road.
Flashes of spray as cars make their way
sea monsters in their wake.
Tossing great waves
as drains become graves
to creatures unable to escape.
The Heavens boom in breathless awe,
it casts its lightning rods.
From ruptured skies,its claim despised,
churning earth and mud.
Just as fast this storm will pass,
its encore soon to play.
As fading rumbles, and distant mumbles,
in time will fade away.

Please, congratulate both of these wonderful poets and visit their pages on All Poetry!

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  1. love all ...

    the imagery is stunning..

    keep it up.

  2. Beautiful poems, congrats! Expertly done.


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