Friday, December 10, 2010

Santa's Night Out by Epistomolus at All poetry

Santa's Night Out by Epistomolus at All poetry
With several weeks to go
before December 24th,
the mood was not exactly chilled
up in the frozen North.


An awesome poem by an awesome poet/teacher from All Poetry, will definitely bring a chuckle forth.

Dennis Dawson aka Epistomolus has been a member of AP since 2007, he also volunteers on All Poetry's "School of Poetry" as a teacher in several areas including but not limited to "Gentle Introduction to Meter" and teaching the teachers, although I have had the opportunity at times to find mistakes in his own writings, so I have been able to "teach the teacher" at times.

His poetry is usually fun and upbeat, almost always has a good rhythm and rhyme to it. I have as of yet not found a single solitary poem of his that I haven't liked.

So check out his latest work of art, and while you are at it check out his entire collection on AP!Santa's Night Out

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