Monday, December 6, 2010

Our first Meet The Poet of the month

Welcome to all our readers, we have our fifth meet the poet this week.Poets In Training has gone under some new changes we have a new background and I'd like to thank the winner of the background contest the amazing talent you can find on Allpoetry, if you have not joined yet please do. Our group is growing i want to spread a warm welcome to our newest members.On with our interview.
One of our very own Aebeli Tamar, she is an amazing poetess. I have had much time with her, but I can relate that she is nice person. She was kind enough to fill in our questionnaire for the interview.

Chim: Tell us a little about yourself.
Tamar: a mother of three, late college student, I live in Boone, NC.

Chim: What is it about poetry that makes you want to write?
Tamar: I love poetry well my first poem just came to me.... I was standing at my kitchen window at my dad’s house ...where I was living with my family at the time.... I feel poetry just comes to you at times...At other times can be a form of Stress relief... Helps me when I am down. That’s for sure. Reading poetry from others and also writing my own. I enjoy learning new forms. I am always learning with poetry since I am fairly new to poetry...

Chim: Can you remember your first poem?
Tamar: Into the Gray
Looking out the window,
At a far off glow;
the Moon shining through,
The dark bark to low.
Maybe we will get their “one-day"
" Don't you know."
Looking as if to be all for show.
Painted in a picture or puzzle
"You Know"!

Chim: What style or styles of poetry do you write most or prefer to write?
Tamar: Well being new to poetry and still learning I write in short form. Mostly Rhyme.

Chim: Do you write more than poetry? What else do you do creatively?
Tamar: Yes. I have wrote one Children's book not published yet all though, when I am able I will publish.... Would love to publish...!

Chim: . What poem, written by you, do you like the most?
Tamar: My First.... because the poem marks the beginning of my poetry...!
I will always be proud of my work.

Chim: Do you have any mentors?
Tamar: Yes.... I love a lot of the talented writers on All Poetry.... Find a new wonderful writer every day...I also love the Great Emily Dickinson ...
Also some of the first Philosophical Poets

Chim: Who is your favorite poet or writer?
Tamar: Well I just answered that. I also like Linda lael Miller.Also Stephanie Myers. I have enjoyed reading a lot of writers.

Chim: What is your favorite poem by the poet you chosen?
Tamar: I love so many poems. I could never pick one.

Chim: What is your favorite type music?
Tamar: Classical Rock.50's up to 80's all types. from Enya to Bob Marley .

Chim: What inspires you?
Tamar:) My thoughts,My Heart and Soul, Also Nature. Sometimes Pictures.

Chim: Do you have a favorite book or author?

Tamar: To much literature to pick Favorites.
Chim: How about a favorite quote?

Tamar: ) Be Kind to each other. /. Also to be or not to be that is the question? The All time favorite should be "Peace"!!!

Chim: Any other creative passions?
Tamar: Art. I love bead and wire jewelry art. Also drawing but I would have to work back into that. I have also played the violin when I was younger and have promised myself to learn the fiddle the next time around which I am determined there will be a next time!

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