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Second November interview with Chim our co-author here at Poets-In-Training

The Review
Since Chimnese reviewed me last week we decided to give you a glimpse into her personality and writing style this week.  You can view more of her work at All Poetry under the user id of FallenWingz and also on her own blog Chimnese World of Literature Chim is a very creative person, she also writes novels and novelettes so far nothing published, but I’m sure it’s not far off the horizon before you see her work in print.  Now on to our interview with Chim.

Suzanne: Tell us a little about yourself.

Chimnese: I am a Capetonian girl born in South Africa. I am just very talkative but mostly I love to make new friends and writing is my saviour.

Suzanne:  What is it about poetry that makes you want to write?
Chimnese:  Poetry to me is something that is a thought that i can relaese easily, it helps me to  write a story in very few lines, i think that poetry captures so much more of the poets emotions. I have grown alot since the first poem i ever written.

Suzanne:  Can you remember your first poem.
Chimnese: My first poem i wrote when i was in grade 6


We'll child
Life wasn't easy for me
It had mountains to climb
And rivers to swim
And it had many ups and downs

But all the time
I kept going
Reaching for the skies
Life was no game

because there was no aim
But i kept going

So did i make it
No,i had to fall off again
But one day
I'll show the world i can do it
Who said life was easy

Suzanne: What style or styles of poetry do you write most or prefer to write?
Chimnese:  mostly free verse. i don't know if have a specific style..

Suzanne: Do you write more than poetry?  What else do you do creatively?
Chimnese:  yes i do, i write short stories and also sketch in my free time or when the creativity is there.

Suzanne: What poem, written by you, do you like the most?
Chimnese: My favorite I’ve written is Dream


Is it a dream,did we dream.
Did our lives change within a few hours,
Did we really act our parts,
Filling in the gaps,
Isn't something wrong with this dream.
I know now what it is,
Our tears seem real and not fabricated.
Did i see him laying there,friends and family bidding their farewell.
Will tomorrow be any different,
If I lay down tonight,
Will this be a dream?
Will he be there laying waiting, anticipating to see his loved ones?
Some dream all right.
How long will this dream become a reality, today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow?
Dream will you give us hope for another tomorrow.

Suzanne: Do you have any mentors?
Chimnese:  Fellow poets i have met on Allpoetry and Sharepoetry.

Suzanne: Who is your favourite poet or writer?
Chimnese:  William Shakespeare & Robert Frost

Suzanne:. What is your favourite poem by the poet you chosen?

Chimnese:  Robert Frost

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Suzanne: What is your favourite type music?
Chimnese: I love pop, are anything with a good beat, soulful lyrics when i am down to uplift my spirit.

Suzanne: What inspires you?
Chimnese: Everything around me, people,love.

Suzanne: Do you have a favourite book or author?
Chimnese: My favourite author is Sandra Brown, book would be Riley in The Morning by Sandra Brown.

Suzanne: .How about a favourite quote?
Chimnese: Always be true to yourself and remember you are loved.

Suzanne:.Any other creative passions?
Chimnese: sketching and photography


  1. Chim you are a wonderful writer and I can't wait to see you published.

  2. really nice to learned more about Chim aka there any part two to this interview?....good luck ur a great writer too...


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