Thursday, October 7, 2010

Poet In Training most popular this week on All Poetry

Well, today I was browsing all poetry's poems by most popular this week, and at the top of the list was a poet with the nickname Dalaney she's a woman from Georgia, she's also a teacher on allpoetry, and since she joined in August of 2006, she has a collection of 295 poems posted there.  Her most popular this week is "A Poem for Thought" with 102 comments, and 150 applause, (applause is All Poetry's rating system) everyone of her poems I've read I have enjoyed.  Her real name she has chosen to keep hidden but her author's name is L.A. Smith.

I interview her and she responded enthusiastically here's the interview..

1. When did you start writing poetry?

I’ve been writing poetry on and off for a very long time, but never took it seriously until I came to AP four years ago. When I began to read all of the wonderful writers here I knew I had to work really hard to reach their caliber. My influences were Mairi Bheag, A Prophet of 3, Ariosto II, Cinnarry, and Cricketjeff.
2. What's your favorite form of poetry?
I love to write free verse, but reading a beautiful sonnet always tingles my toes
3. Do you belong to any other poetry sites?
No - I’ve tried a few out, but none compare to AP
4. Where do you hail from?
Isle of Hope, which is a small coastal island near Savannah, Georgia
5. Who's your favorite poet of all time?
This is like asking me what my favorite book is! There are so many! I suppose Charles Bukowski and EE Cummings are my top two favorites, although I have a list a mile long 

Do you have any published works?

I've been published in poetry mags in England and Scotland 
7. Last question (you don't have to answer this one, if you don't want to) how old are you?

I am ageless 

She also wanted to add this to her story when I asked her if there was anything special she'd like to add in regards to what inspires her and she replied:
I am inspired by my surroundings, by the people I know and love and even dislike. I think I am a poet who concentrates more on the “every day” feelings we experience and less on the abstract. I like stories and I’ve been known to incorporate them into poetry - life stories always make good poetry 
I asked her to select a poem she'd like to share with us here so here is her favorite in all it's glory just as it was written.

Please Mistake Me For Something Beautiful
Mother is black skin
wrapped in purple and red and gold,
bare feet, thick soled,
she will never be a blonde bouffant
and this bothers Daughter,
disturbs her sleep, pushes her twenty steps ahead
of Mother on the street -
she wants a blue car with white seats
and a radio to snap to,
a house with no statues,
no crucifixes,
light that does not blind her too-wide eyes.
She wants a mother
who buys
ice cream with dark cherries,
and wears pink pretty slips beneath crisp skirts,
not one who pounds bread
with broad fists, who scales smelly fish
at the kitchen sink,
(oh, the stink of it)
a mother who will look out the window
that faces the faces
of other little girls in their thick-smoke world
and whisper in her ear -
you are the most beautiful.

© L.A. Smith, All rights reserved 

Check out "A Poem for Thought" and judge for yourself, if you don't have a membership there yet, now is the perfect time to do so.  There are many great poets, storywriters, teachers, and just people who have creative hearts to comfort your soul with beautiful words.

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