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Echoes of My Soul Poetry Forum

As someone in search of sources to share my own writings, I have experimented with many online forums, groups, and people. I have been a member of Echoes for quite some time but am not as active there as I am on All Poetry because of proboards requirements, which are not the requirements of the Creator of Echoes herself.

When I emailed her and told her about my project (this blog) and my wish to do a review of Echoes and since her letter tells it all much better than I can her is her response

That is a great idea, I wish you much luck with your blog
I would be interested in having the site reviewed, but I would like to point out that Echoes does not cover those kinds of topics such as publication, tips, etc. We do have a Writer's Resources section where poets can find contests to enter and places to send their work for possible publication.
Echoes is mainly a post, share and general comments site. There are plenty of sites out there for those who want full criticism, but we not do that here at Echoes. I want the poet to feel free to post, share and have a fun time while they are at Echoes.
I have been writing poetry for over two decades, and publishing my poetry online for the past 6 or 7 years. I started Echoes back in 2003 because I had joined several other poetry sites and was immediately treated very harshly and was made to feel very uncomfortable and unwanted. And I said to myself, there has to be a better way to treat people, and i said to myself, a poetry site does not have to be and should not be so negative, so I decided to start Echoes.
I am happy to say that Echoes is going strong 7 years later, and I am very proud of it and of every member! Echoes has some very talented writers and I am so pleased and happy that they have decided to share their wonderful work with us!
I wanted to give the poet a place to post their poetry without harsh critique and give them a safe place to express their ideas without being ridiculed. To me there is room for every poet and for every level of poet, and I strongly believe that no one has the right to bash a poet.
It has been very successful on that level. We started out slow with just a few members and now we have over 300 members and I feel Echoes is still growing.
Echoes has remained a top site on many top poetry site listings for the past 7 years and I feel it is because of this approach. Many members and visitors seem to really enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and like spending time at Echoes, but like any other site, there are those who do not like the loose atmosphere, so Echoes is not for every poet or for everyone.
Echoes also has several members who are not poets and they enjoy the other sections of Echoes such as the word games, entertainment and the general board where they can discuss current events and just about anything else they want.
So that is what I strive to do at Echoes, keep it fun, lighthearted and offer a sanctuary for poets to post their poetry in peace without fear of being bashed or ridiculed for their poetry. We do have an occasional challenge and contest to keep things interesting and we do offer places for the poet and article writer to submit their work for possible publication.
I forgot to mention that we give out the daily and weekly awards at Echoes to let the poets know that we deeply appreciate them being members and to recognize their magnificent talent. We also give out the awards to thank members for sharing their wonderful talent with us at Echoes.
When I asked her how she picked the poem of the month she replied:
I pick the poem of the month pretty much at random. I search various poetry sites such, Poetry Foundation and PoemHunter and read poems and when one grabs my attention I choose that poem for the month. I used to pick poems from Echoes members but for some reason I stopped doing that years ago but I must say your question has prompted me to pick the poem of the month for November from one of the members. I may or may not pick a member's poem every month but I think I will alternate from month to month between a member and a famous poet from now on.
It is s not easy to say what I look for in a poem, because poems vary on so many levels and style. I am a big fan of imagery and I love a poem that is written outside of the box and does not necessarily follow a specific form. I love poetry that takes risks and inspires the reader. For me a poem does not have to be picture perfect or polished, if it's edgy, original and it grabs my attention it is for me.
I love a poem that speaks to the reader with rich descriptions and a keen sense of detail and use of sound. A poem that leaps off the page and commands attention and one that thinks outside the box and goes beyond the boundaries are the kinds of poems I adore. For me, free verse poetry has every quality I look for in poetry, and it is my favorite type of poetry. I cherish the freedom free verse gives the poet. It is the type I write the most and the kind that grabs my attention the most. Free verse poetry ignites my senses and my soul and I believe it is the most popular form of poetry today. But I also love traditional poetry for its pure beauty and precision that takes special skills to create.
Theme is also important to me. I like poems that say something and that are deep in meaning. Poems that speak about emotions such as alienation, anger, love, beauty, pain, misery, nature, human nature and one that address social and political issues are the types of poems I am attracted to the most. I also like poetry that delves into darker edgy subjects such as homelessness, abuse and poverty.
Poetry that has sound, vivid imagery and tell a story churn inside my soul and make me take notice and take me on a beautiful journey that I will cherish for the rest of my years.

So if you're looking for a relaxed atmosphere and an easy going group then you'll feel quite at home at Echoes.

Just click here if you would like to visit, join and decide for yourself. Echoes of My Soul 


  1. Hello Suzanne,

    Thank you for this wonderful review. I am honored. Echoes is a great place for poets and poetry, and I am proud of it and every member.


    Founder of Echoes of My Soul Poetry Forum

  2. I am a new member of ECHOES and I just wanted t say it is one of the BEST poetry sites I have ever encountered! Continued success 2 LISA and her talented members.

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