Tuesday, October 5, 2010

All Poetry is the place to be

Do you like poetry? Do you want to learn to write yourself?  Do you write already?  Are you published or unpublished?  Want to get some input on your writings?  Well, All Poetry is the perfect place for a beginner, advanced poet to become involved with..

All Poetry one of many Social Design Sites created by web designer and poet in training Kevin Watt made the decision that social networking for creative artists of many genre was needed.  And for those who love poetry of all ages can join AllPoetry for free, many members do support the site in exchange for extra features.

One extra feature is rich text editing and custom backgrounds for supporting members.

There are over 100,000 members and growing with over 1.5 million poems of every genre imaginable.  If you like to read poetry, I'm sure you'll find some favorites to relate to.

Free Memberships do require some for each poem you post you're required to comment on 4 others poems.

But you'll also receive points for commenting, and can earn a week's of premium membership.  So there is potential for a free week every once in awhile.

Then there are Groups you can join, plus do you want to learn how to do haiku, shape poetry, create backgrounds, again AllPoetry has members who offer classes to teach you just about any type of poetry you're interested in learning.

Teachers, do you have students who show promise, direct them to allpoetry.com to get their creative juices going.  They can enter contests, win points, earn awards, join a group of like minded artists.  There is so much available on All Poetry that this list is nearly endless.

If you're interested in more in depth assistance on your work, the sister site Share Poetry is the place for you, but good news, you only have to join once, each site uses the same membership information.

The only con I can think of regarding all of the sites available through Social Design is that your premium membership doesn't carry from one site to the other.  But perhaps that might be a consideration in the future, because many members are asking for this or a least a reduced fee for the other sites if you already support one of them monetarily.

Enough from me, make up your own minds.  Visit AllPoetry.com and decide for yourself.  Already a member?  Post your own review here~

Coming soon, first poet-in-training review from allpoetry.com

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